Interested in doing service work???

If you have over one year in recovery, you can help The Phellowship out by serving as a table representative on tour.

For information on getting involved and working the table, contact Jay O. (East Coast Table Coordinator) for all tour dates east of the Mississippi. Or contact Lisa T. (West Coast Table Coordinator) for all tour dates west of the Mississippi.

Information for Volunteers

For information on working the table, please view our Tabling Instructions Here. We cannot emphasize how important it is to be on time! TRY TO BE EARLY!!! Plan on arriving when the lots open and at least 1&1/2 hours BEFORE DOORS! Plan ahead for traffic problems, delays, and parking problems. The lot, doors open, and show times are posted here on the phish website (under "tours") and are updated a few days before the show.

Tour Dates / Table Coverage

Displays people who have RSVP 'd on facebook (you have to be a member of Facebook and The Phellowship Facebook Group to view entries and RSVP )

Displays a list and gives you the option to obtain a phone number list of people planning on attending these shows (Follow the instructions found at our membership database in order to add the shows you plan to attend)

If you have volunteered to work a table and have noticed a discrepancy in the list below please contact either Jay O. (East Coast Table Coordinator) or Lisa T. (West Coast Table Coordinator) ASAP.

Date Location FB RSVP Who's Going